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Firstly I wish to thank and acknowledge the collosal amount of work that Lavinia has undertaken in getting so much information of our ancestors. This forms almost 90% of the names on the tree.


If you have any additions or amendments to the details please send them in an email to:

How to use the tree

When you first enter the tree the default starting position is with me (Rory Marriott) as the "Focus Point" (the box with my name will be thicker than all the others. Two generations above (Parents and Grandparents) and one generation below (Children, Nieces and Nephews) are then also displayed. Clicking on any name will change the boxes displayed based on the name and how many generations have been selected (see how below)

Default Tree

The items at the bottom of the image above are critical to what is displayed on the screen.

To change how many generations are displayed at any time use the drop down boxes next to Parents, Children and Others. I tend to find 1 generation of each sufficient to give me what I need without being overburdened.

Depending on how much data has been captured you can change what is shown in each of the Name boxes by making use of the options available in the drop down box next to "Show". I mainly leave this as "Name Only" but have also used "Surname now", "Surname at birth"

"Show Key" and one of the boxes in particular, is quite important to understand. When selected the following will be added to the bottom of the screen.


For the circled box, the dotted lines indicate that more information is available. In the first picture above, you can see them on Egberth at the top and Cian at the bottom. To see the additional information click on the name in the box which has the dotted line(s). This will then change what is displayed based on the name in that box who becomes the "focus" point. I have not been able to figure out everybodies Gender based on their name only. These people are shown without any colour.

Navigating around

To navigate around the tree place the cursor in the middle of the screen and when your cursor changes to 4 directional arrows (as in picture below) press the left hand mouse button and move the mouse/track pad in the direction required.